Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Possible Miracle

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of any Cause for Canonization is talk of the miraculous. The Church requires two miracles through the intercession of the candidate, one for beatification and one after that for canonization. Think about it. In an age when science is supposed to have dispelled any belief in the miraculous, the Church still states plainly that miracles occur, just as surely as Christ is present on the altar in the holy Eucharist. They are not legends, or group hysteria or figments of a pious imagination. Miracles are real and verifiable through the Church’s rigorous standards.

Contrary to what some may think, miracles for the Cause must take place after the candidate dies, not during his or her lifetime. The Church is not so concerned about the candidate’s miraculous works during life; rather miracles are sought after death to exhibit the power of God working through that candidate’s intercession. Ultimately, only God performs miracles, and he does so in his own time and for his own reasons. As the Gospels document, Jesus performed miracles not to show off his powers, but to inspire and increase faith.

The good news is that a new possible miracle is under investigation in the Cause of Father McGivney. Supreme Knight Carl Anderson made the announcement on Aug. 7 during his Annual Report at the 130th Supreme Convention in Anaheim, Calif. Here is what he said:

“The strength of the ties of the Knights of Columbus to the Church has no greater example than the advancement of the Cause for Canonization of our founder, the Venerable Servant of God Michael McGivney. As his cause continues, our postulator in Rome recently received very encouraging news about a possible miracle through the intercession of our founder.

“This development was especially welcome, because the report came shortly after we received news from the Vatican that the event previously under investigation would not be going forward. So we saw clearly the truth of the old saying, when one door closes another one opens.

“Now our postulator has begun looking diligently into this new report, which we think may be a miracle involving the intercession of Father McGivney. Since this investigation is in the early stages, I will not discuss the exact details, knowing that the final judgment on these matters is in the hands of the Church. But I think we have very good reason for hope that Father McGivney is very much on track for beatification.

“One approved miracle is needed for beatification, and another approved miracle is necessary for the final stage of canonization and sainthood.

“The message we should take from these recent events is that all Knights and their families should continue their regular prayer for Father McGivney’s canonization. We should invoke his intercession in life’s struggles, and especially when faced with very serious illness. In addition, every Catholic is invited to sign up for the Father McGivney Guild and continue to report favors received.”

Let us pray that this proposed miracle goes forward and leads to Father McGivney’s beatification. Check this blog for updates as the process unfolds.

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